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Diesel Fuel Prints
7407 N Lombard St.
Side Building
Portland Or 97203


Oh, how Diesel Fuel would love to talk to you!

That's right, we think technology is pretty darn cool when put to good use. We have emailing down to an art, we're super polite on the telephone, and we even have a fax machine. Heck, we even receive letters via the US Postal service from time to time and read them out loud to each other and pin them on the wall.

Andy Stern owns the business, James Squeaky runs the office, Sten-Erik and Andy do the printing and Homey begs for the leftovers of our sandwiches. We like punk, indie rock, The Simpsons, and anything that blows our minds.

Portland, Oregon is treating us very well as our new home. Our warehouse is in such a fantastic location, providing us with numerous opportunities to see cool shows and eat really delicious food. If only we could finish getting the plumbing installed so that we have a place to wash our hands!

So get in touch, but please realize that we are real human beings and sometimes we even break down and cry when people call us bad names. We'll get back to you just as quickly as we possibly can.

Because we want you to get your stickers/t-shirts into your hands as quickly as possible, we're looking at two-week turnarounds at this point. --

-the Diesel Fuel Prints Team

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